GHICセンター構想は、健康満足度は高く、社会負担は低い、次世代健康医療システムを構築するために、医学人文学融合領域において開発型医療研究を展開するAIバイオインテリジェントコミュニティー構想です。 新しい健康医療システムの構築は、COVID-19時代の到来によって、喫緊の課題となりました。 GHICセンター構想は、「健康・医療・防災」をキーワードとして進めてまいります。


立命館大学総合科学技術研究機構 教授 生田 幸士 先生に「未来を見据えた医工連携 ~医用マイクロロボティクスとグローバル化戦略~ 」、名古屋大学大学院医学研究科 特任教授 上田 龍三 先生に「未来を見据えたがん研究 ~成人T細胞白血病・リンパ腫(ATLL)研究の過去・現在・未来~」とそれぞれ題した講演を頂きました。


Global Health Innovation and Communication (GHIC) Center

~The hub for providing social benefits through new healthcare innovations in Japan~

Japan is one of the most rapidly ageing society and requires new innovations within the healthcare system. While we have outstanding capacity for the healthcare technological developments, the improvement of international competitiveness of clinical trials and studies and the development of the new healthcare technologies have become more vital in recent years. We expect our new technologies to promote the life expectancy and the quality of life of people in Japan and will be expanding our innovation to abroad in future. However, this would come at the expense of a sharp increase in healthcare expenditure.

We, The Foundation for Global Health Care, are going to establish the nextgeneration healthcare creation hub. We believe in supporting and enabling people to live their lives in society at their optimum health. Our “ Global Health Innovation Center” will act as a hub to contribute to the development of global healthcare through medicotechnological innovations.

The center is an integration of many innovative services linked by artificial brain intelligence (ABI). It consists of hospitals specializing in development of clinical trials and studies, the postgraduate research institute’s laboratory, the facilities for the elderly utilizing advanced healthcare technologies, the healthcare clinics, the residential services and the other commercial services. We believe that GHIC’s cutting-edge healthcare system and the technologies will contribute to improving the health of people in the world.

The share of global healthcare market is currently estimated at 778 trillion yen, and the domestic healthcare at 45 trillion yen. By 2022, this is expected to grow to 1,278 trillion yen and 70 trillion yen respectively.

GHIC will be located in the national strategy zone of Tokyo area readily accessible to Haneda Airport and many other public transports. This enables patients and the oversea companies to have convenient access to the facility. It will also strengthen its functions by establishing National Science Department (GHNSC) and Communication Department (GHCC). The “Bio Intelligent Community” will promote wide-range of international cooperation with Asian and European countries with a view to overseas development.

GHIC ultimately aims to contribute to the social development and prosperity.