On January 2014 we have founded FGHC Control Center of Clinical Trials, which introduces appropreate hospitals which can conduct clinical trials to pharmaceutical companies.

What is the FGHC’s mission?

Two significant phenomena have been impacting the medical systems of various countries like tsunami recently: in developing countries, sudden economic growth has given rise to awareness of and demands for better health services and in developed countries, the super-graying of populations increase the burden of elderly medical services. Against this background, we, the Foundation of Global Health Care foresee the need for progressive action for immediate rationalization and dissemination of upgrading of the “state-of-the-art medical practices” and of “self-treatment healthcare” as broadly as possible. We have been discussing these and related topics among medically-oriented intellectuals and industry-academic-government officials and practitioners for the past seven years.

Even in Japan we do not yet have medical facilities which are specialized in promoting the state of the art in medicine. Further the new healthcare concept of self-treatment has not yet been firmly fixed. Our organization is working actively so as to achieve more social recognition of these concepts.

Consequently, setting up of “the Global Health Care Innovation Center” is determined to be our aim. Carrying out many kinds of projects for promotion strategically towards this purpose is the FGHC’s mission.

In Japan, medical facilities which are specialized in state-of-the-art medical treatment do not exist. Also, the new health care concept, self-treatment, has not firmly been fixed yet. Our organization does work actively so as to acquire the social recognition of those concepts.

What are the characteristics of FGHC?

If we fail to strive to go beyond our present lethargic attitudes and practices in health services, we risk being left behind other nations in the restructuring of medical and nursing-care insurances systems, in reinforcing the state of our medical arts to maintain our global competitiveness, and in securing our place in the emerging 400 trillion yen health care market. That is why the establishment of a stronghold for practical realization of the state of the art in medicine is becoming an important national policy.

However, many people are coming to realize that current programs that only involve collaborating and exchanging of points of view of various medical topics cannot lead to practical advancement in progressive medical research, new medical technological developments, or more effective and efficient clinical trials. We need to rise above the “business as usual” attitudes.

FGHC therefore seeks to attract researchers, engineers, pharmaceutical professionals, and hospital practitioners, from home and abroad, who can positively contribute to the concept of the Global Health Care Innovation Center. Conducting studies and research under competent professional guidance and supervision, we seek to establish and implement sound techniques universally for continual renewal and upgrading of the state of medical arts and new health care systems of all countries, and to establish a model medical review system to speed up the development, approval and implementation of new pharmaceutical discoveries. In addition to these medical practice areas, we seek to use the new facilities for upgrading of medical human resources personnel and professionals through such programs as a medical language proficiency training and testing, support of progressive medical academic conferences, and continued technical and professional training. The building and physical plant facilities will be dedicated to holistic medical treatment and health care support and information systems.