The Foundation of Global Health Care (FGHC) is a non-profit foundation established in April, 2010.

We aim to provide patients advanced and efficient medical service by introducing state-of-art technologies of manufacturing industry in Japan.
These five are our main projects.

Global Health Care Innovation Center (GHIC)

We are planning to set up Global Health Care Innovation Center as a hub for quick practical applications of innovative healthcare technologies and establishment of global health care system. This plan is based on a concept of a complex for development of advanced healthcare system which consists of a hospital especially designed for clinical trials and laboratories etc.

Development of state-of-art medical technoloies

The research department of this foundation is designated by MEXT as a organization that is allowed to use national budget for science resarch. Therefore we are studying cooperating with industrial sectors to accomplish development of robots for medical purpose and micro devices for regenerative medicine, and regeneration of organs by means of iPS cells.

Creation of next-generation healthcare industry

In order to establish next-generation healthcare system and generate new industries, we have made an application to found a association for study of technologies. In addition we hold "Study meeting for creation of next-generation healthcare industy" several times a year to promote creation of new industry cooperating with industrial sectors.

Education for international communication

Co-hosting with Japanese Association for Promotion of State-of-Art in Medicine, we hold exams of CBMS: Certification for Bilingual Medical Staff and seminars of medical English so that medical staff can acquire enough English skill which is necessary in scenes of medical care for people from outside Japan. In 2014 we hold seminars every month from April to October in Tokyo and Nagoya, and on November 8 we hold the fourth exam of CBMS. In addition we have launched the "Program of education for international communication" which aims to raise leaders who can be actively involved in places such as international conferences.

Promotion of clinical trials and clinical researches

The Institutional Review Board of the foundation has a partnership with Japan Hospital Association and cooperates with from small clinic to large hospitals in allparts of Japan which are interested in clinical test. We certainly have data of cases from cooperated medical facilities thus we can provide medical institutions information of clinical tests from pharmaceutical companies and introduce appropriate candidate medical facilities to clients of clinical tests. In addition, by requesting to Central IRB, which reviews clinical tests cooperated by several medical facilities as a group, we realize low-cost, fair and neutral reviews.

By introducing the state-of-the-art technology th Japan has acquired into the global health care innovation, a new health care system will be established, and a new health care industry will be created.

I certainly hope that our actions will lead to reconstruction of Japan and people's happiness all over the world.

The Foundation for Global Health Care
Chairperson Shuji Hayashi

Dr. Shuji Hayashi’s Profile

Mar. 1981
Graduated from School of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Nagoya University
Apr. 1990 - 1991
Surgeon of University of Pittsburgh
July. 1993 - 2002
Assistant Professor of the Second Surgery of Faculty of Medicine, Nagoya University
May. 2002 - 2002
Lecturer of the Second School of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Nagoya University
July. 2002 - 2005
Chief Surgeon of Higashi Nagoya National Hospital
Jan. 2006 - 2009
Professor of the Course of Biorobotics for Advanced Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Nagoya University
Apr. 2006 - 2010
Visiting Professor of Chubu University
Sep. 2009 - Dec. 2010
Professor of the Course of Biorobotics for Advanced Medicine, Graduate School of Medicine, Nagoya University
Apr. 2010 - Sep. 2009
Administrative Director of the Foundation for the Promotion of State of Art in Medical Healthcare
Oct. 2009 - present
Chairperson of the Foundation of Global Health Care